Max IT: This is Our Story…

We are Max IT Solutions. We offer you all round IT solutions. We focus on web services and in what we do we are great at it.We are an IT company that offers you an array of services at competitive rates. We always give value for money.We are backed by experts who use cutting edge technology to ensure that we not just solve your problem but solve it in a way that leaves you a happy and satisfied client.

1500+ Domain Names Registered

1200+ WebSites Hosted

1500+ Customers


To ensure that all our clients get the best services we have entered into partnerships with other major IT companies to ensure that you are able to get the best services. This has enabled us to be able to handle any type of project that you have.

By being able to have access to our partner company’s resources you can rest assured that we will do it in a way that will be flawless and keeping you impressed. The extent of our networks in the IT sector ensures that there is no task that we cannot handle, we have the skills and the manpower to take it on.

We always deliver on what we say and you can entrust us with your new project.

Latest Technology

We are able to use the latest technology that is open source. This is a cost effective means that ensures you spend less money but still get the services that you want to be tailor made to you. We always make sure that every client has a personalized treatment.

Every client will always tell you that they had a unique customer experience and this is reflected in both our interactions with potential clients but also when providing our solutions to them. We always make sure that our client’s needs are put at the fore front of our operations.

Experienced Staff

We have an excellent staff that is able to cater for your needs and execute it perfectly. We are able to attract the best staff and you can be able to know that we are the best. This ensures that our services are not just your average solutions but solutions that are backed by expert insight.

Our staff members are not just highly skilled but also able to work with the latest technology to ensure that you are there at the top when it comes to the latest trends. Trends and latest technology are at the core of what we do.

We are all about people and our staff are caring and ready to deal with you in creating suitable IT solutions for your company.

Web development

We develop websites. If you want your website to be developed you can contact us for the best service that you can get. We will work with our budget so don’t worry about your finances. We will always guarantee you one thing, that you will always get your value for money.

Our experts will always make sure that your website is developed according to your preference.

For us, a client’s word is key to what we will offer to you. We are always doing this on a daily basis so we are perfect at what we do. We are pacesetters.

Once we develop a website for you, be sure that others will be waiting to have theirs developed by us. We ensure that our web development work is not just good but of the best standards.

Web Design

In a world where many processes are done online we are faced with the reality that having an online presence is the way to go.  This can be through your social media platforms but what if they need more about your firm? Having a website will come in handy. We are here to make sure you don’t stress yourself looking for web designers who you are not sure about. For us we ensure that you get value for money.

We have experience in designing websites that are able to convey your company’s message perfectly. We ensure that your website is unique and is able to scream your brand in a positive manner that makes it more interesting. We always ensure that every website that we design is backed by designs that makes every click on a visitor’s mouse worth their time.

All your firm’s services and products will be clearly highlighted and this ensures that you have a business that is digitally marketed even across borders. This ensures that your online presence has a good reputation that will lead to more business and a global standing.

Web Hosting

Every website needs to be hosted and while there are free hosts they are not that reliable. You have less space to upload videos and photos and this is a big limitation. Do you have that website and you are wondering where to upload it to? Do you always want a reliable company that you can entrust with your data?

We ensure that your website is always there for the world to access. In short we ensure that you have less downtime and a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. This is good not just for you but for that customer who always transacts on your website. We also ensure that at no time visitors will complain of trouble in accessing your website. We will always make sure that our end of the bargain is catered for every single time.

We are not just the best but your always reliable web hosting company. We promise to exceed your expectations when you sign up with us.

Domain Registration

Our domain registration service ensures that you don’t get stressed on which name you are going to use. Once you contact us we ensure that we guide you slowly through the processes that you will have to go through in order to be able to have your domain name ready. If your preferred name is taken we will assist you in choosing another name that is appropriate to not just your company but also the world.

A glimpse at your web domain name will give a visitor a hint of what the firm is all about. We will advise you through all this so that you do not make a mess on such a great chance to market your business online. We always want our clients to get the best services and this is always reflected in the standards that we offer to you.

Web Consulting

Web consulting is all about the internet. Do you want a web consultant that will give you an in depth analysis of your web performances and footprints? We are the most comprehensive web consultants and this is reflected in the work that we have done for many clients. Our clients are always impressed by how dedicated we are at doing this. This has ensured that we are always having repeat clients.

If you want a taste of this magic why not contact us and we give you competitive rates for our web consultancy services. We are going to ensure that your web presence as well as impact will be better once we give you the weak points that you have been using all along.

With our consultancy you can be sure that you are going to leapfrog the previous highs that you have been experiencing. Why hire an average web consultant while you can hire the best web consultancy firm at an affordable rate?

Web Marketing-SEO

Having a website is one thing but having your website recognizable is another. With our web marketing efforts we will ensure that your website is search engine optimized for the best results. SEO or search engine optimization is where if someone searches for something online, it appears among the first results. This will always work wonders for you because more often than not the first results of the websites coming up are what man visitors will click.

If you want your website to be search engine optimized you know who to give a call. We will make sure that you are the most satisfied person after we are through with working on marketing your website. This will give you the visibility that will increase your brand’s reach and give your company a good reputation that everyone wants.

Web Maintenance

We offer web maintenance services. This ensures that if you need something to be changed or fixed on your website it is done. This is especially for small companies that do not yet have an IT staff and still want to have their website up and running.

We will manage the website for you and make sure that it is in good condition so that your online presence as well as your brand is well enhanced. Our well able and enthusiastic staff are always ready and on hand to help you maintain your website.

Whether it’s just a little help that you need in fixing the website or it’s the technical capacity to manage the website that you lack, we are there for you.

E-mail solutions

For all your e-mail needs we are your solutions provider. You want to cater for your staff email needs and still retain your corporate identity, we are able to deal with that. This ensures that you can create an email account for your staff for official use and for communicating within the organization. You don’t have to stress yourself anymore because we offer solutions for our client’s at a competitive rate.

Our email services will be a big boost to your brand because every time your staff send out an e-mail they are accompanied by your brand name. This gives your firm good marketing that comes at no extra cost. You have to take advantage of such an amazing service. The good thing is that you can be able to create e-mails for all your staff members.

It is time that you need to step up your corporate identity and quit using your personal e-mail for work related issues. This also ensures that your productivity is enhanced as you no longer have to skim through your e-mails to see whether its work related or just a personal e-mail.

Payment gateway

E-commerce has grown in leaps and bound and as much as there is the brick and mortar trade there is also a growing e-commerce trading that is taking place. We will assist you in setting up payment channels that ensures that no matter how one is far away from you, they can still buy your goods or services and pay for them without a hassle.

You can rest assured that we will ensure that your payment channels will be up and running and that you will not have any technical hitches as we will take care of everything. You don’t have to lose out on the chance to join the e-commerce market and be a business in the global market. Take that opportunity and come to us for the chance to get you started.

Portal development

You may be running a big organization and sometimes need a portal to be able to keep things smoothly running. This is a service that we will gladly offer you due to the technical expertise that we have in doing that. You don’t have to worry about it. Call us tell us what you need and we will get ourselves busy getting it done and running within no time.

Whether it is a school portal to show individual grades or a portal that deals with single customer’s accounts we can do it to your specification. We always execute our work flawlessly. We leave nothing to chance as excellence is the bottom line of what we do, every single day.

Max Mission

To provide the high quality affordable web solution that is custom tailored to meet our client’s unique needs and specifications.

Max Vision

Max IT To satisfy customer needs with value-added solutions, state-of-art technology, high standards of quality, cost-effective tools, unconditional and continuing support. Building lasting and dependable relationships based on integrity and performance.