Welcome to MaxIT, where we have a team of professional staff ready to help you achieve your unique web development and digital marketing goals. As a professional company, we use various proprietary techniques to help you meet your website development and management goals.

We have a team of highly professional staff and some of the most affordable services that you can find today. You will also be pleased to know that all our services come with a satisfaction guarantee and that our immense experience in the service industry makes us the perfect recommendation for your online business. Having handled various projects over the years, we know what it takes to help you get your online business up and running.

Our services

Web design & development

One of our main company services includes web design and development. We use proprietary web development techniques to help our clients achieve their unique goals. Some of the resources that we use for the development procedure include Html, PHP and MySQL databases. We take care of the entire process and make this procedure much simpler for you by providing additional application support even after the launch. The sites are also tested for any bugs or errors that might compromise its availability or functionality as well. Our web designers will develop a professional relationship with the clients, by interacting with them in order to achieve a better understanding of their needs. Exceptional communication and design skills, combined with comprehensive research techniques and an informed perspective of target markets, audiences and market patterns, ensure that you receive satisfactory results.

Web and mobile app development

We also provide reliable web and mobile app development services. The mobile applications are customized to suit the needs of your client and to suit the needs of your digital marketing campaign. Additionally, the websites are designed to responsive enough to suit the needs of any device that your visitor might be using. Whether it's a smartphone or a Laptop Pc, our sites are designed for ease of functionality each time. As one of the top mobile application companies in the region, MaxIT web development company has accumulated notable experience when it comes to developing digitally transformative, high performance and fully functional applications. This includes that are compatible with the all the major platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry OS, Ios and more. Besides that, we are also experts in the HTML5 development language, such that we can provide cross platform mobile apps that will work on almost any platform. Organizations and companies that invest in our services can be sure of scalable, secure and high-performance solutions for their business needs.

Digital Marketing

During this phase, we implement the use digital marketing techniques to help you increase the reach of product and the amount of traffic that it can generate at any one point in time. We have some of the most technical team when it comes to procedures such as Search Engine Optimization, to ensure your site achieve the best rank possible. You can count on us for specialized marketing consulting services. Some of the main ones including content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, website analytics and more

Why choose us?

There are many benefits of choosing our company for your unique E-commerce campaign. We provide you with various guarantees over the conventional website development companies. Some of the main ones including:

Excellent web design services

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of our web design and development services is that we provide superior web design services. We have accumulated a significant amount of experience over the years which makes us the perfect solution for your website management needs. Our professional team will help you to manage almost every aspect of the procedure for customized results. The final website result will be customized to suit the needs of your business and those of your client. In particular, the websites have sleek and contemporary design features, along with responsive designs that make them perfect for use on almost any type of device.
type of device.
  • Reliable client support
  • Dynamic and responsive results
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Professional and experienced staff
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How we work?

Organizations often have the goal of achieving optimal communication with their stakeholders about their opinions about issues and increasing awareness about their services and products. In most cases, the need for communication, such as using a website, is often inspired by changes in the goals of the company and providing new services. Identifying the reasons for the site’s development and the goals that it’s supposed to achieve is the first step of the process.


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The design step comprises of involves the conversion of the outlined information in the planning stage into real life programs. Some of the main deliverables that we use here might include visual representations and documented site structures as well. Upon the completion of the design phase, the website should have a basic feel for what the final view will be, but with the absence of special features.

During this stage, we also conduct cycle reviewing procedures, whereby we tweak and approve the mock-ups that often occur until the contractor and the client is satisfied with the final project. This is the simplest time to introduce alterations, and not after the design has been converted into computer code Here, we also code and slice the final visual presentations, to develop coherent CSS and HTML code for the basic design of the site.

This stage comprises of the various types of programming procedures, including the loading of content. Here, we ensure that the code is organized and with appropriate comments, whereby you can constantly refer to the planning details as the website design continues. We use strategic procedures to eliminate any hassles associated with the testing procedure. During this step, we also consider that the changing requirements of the client might incline us to diverge on the process. For those who are using PHP or Ruby on Rails, we consider this as the ideal time to implement the language and ensure the engine is fully functional. Implementing this early helps to ensure that the server can handle the installation procedure with ease. More so, we also use code templates for each page type. It’s important to note that a website often comprises of various pages. Developing your templates for this purpose will provide various benefits. Additionally, we also load all the content provided by the client to the website. While this step might seem mundane, even the simplest of pages require optimal typography and an exceptional attention level to detail. We shall also test the website and verify the links for functionality.

The main aim of this phase of the web design process is to prepare the website for public use. This process comprises of final development of elements, comprehensive testing of features and functionality as well as considering the end user experience. Another important process during this phase is to move the website to a permanent service. Testing in this type of environment is important since various servers have varying features and unexpected performance results. Working on the nitty gritty aspects of the final project will play an important role in the overall functionality of the site. At this point, we identify various aspects of your site that can be improved in various ways. Additionally, we also transfer the website to a live web server. Eliminating any hidden features such as `Under Construction` occurs and the site is launched for accessibility. More so, we also test the website by using diagnostics tools. Some of them include website health checkers, spell checkers and code validators among many others. This phase will also comprise of the final cross browser check, through the use of some of the common web browsers. We also run the website in various types of browsers to ensure that it can achieve optimal functionality.

During this phase, we get involved directly with the client as we work to address all the minor aspects that are related to completing the projects. This might include packaging source files, provisioning of instruction for use and any training requires occurs at this point. We work to ensure that the client is informed at all times and that all their unique queries are addressed. We don’t leave any loopholes, and we also communicate when we are available for future projects. If the maintenance changes haven’t occurred, this would be the best time for them to be launched. To top it all off, we also work to ensure that the client is satisfied with the final product and that any contract obligations have been addressed. Any closed project should ensure that the client is satisfied to ensure that site suits their unique operational needs. This phase will also comprise of documentation procedures, where we document soft copy site maps and details on the languages and frameworks used in the site development procedure. We also work to ensure that the client makes final reviews of the site, and we provide our contact information for application support.

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