6 Qualities To Consider Before You Hire Mobile App Developers

6 Qualities To Consider Before You Hire Mobile App Developers

Today, the world is saturated with mobile devices. To make life more comfortable, mobile apps need to be developed to address various challenges in life. Whether from a personal or a business front. Since developing an app is not just your daily kind of job, you need mobile app developers.

With over 8.7 million mobile app developers in the world, choosing the right one to develop your app becomes complex and tedious. We have a way to save you the trouble.

In this post, we will explore the six that you need to watch out for when choosing a mobile app developer.


This is the Minimum Value Product. A good developer should be able to create a prototype of the app in question. This prototype is used to get comments from the intended users giving the app owner a feel of the impact the final app will have. Being a prototype it only has the very basics.

This MVP is a great way to explore areas of the app that need to be improved or removed from the initial layout. Giving a more refined product at the end. The prototype opens the developer’s creativity.

In 2017, the total number of mobile application downloads was forecasted to reach 197 billion. This is a huge amount of installs. For your app to make it to the top of the “most popular” tab in app stores, it must be rich in features.

This can only be ensured by the developer being as creative as possible to make the app stand out in the already crowded app stores. This is only possible when the developer thinks way outside the box and having the intended audience in their mind.

The prototype will, in addition, help the client to actually have a feel of the effect the app will have on their business or intended use.

The taste left on the user’s experience should not only be memorable but recommendable.

2. Skills.

Creating an MVP is not the only thing to consider. Having the right technical know-how will be a great plus in the delivery of a great app.

The developers have to keep up with the changing dynamics of their field. To add to their skills, they have to possess the highest accredited and latest tools to help them through the app development stages. This will ensure a stable and error free app.

To add on to skills, the preferred developer should be determined to walk the application through all the twists and turns that come with mobile development. They must be invested in your app to make sure that your goals are not only met but exceeded.

Apart from being determined they should be flexible. They should be ready to accommodate the client and move with their pace. Bearing in mind that changes are bound to happen at every stage of the development cycle and catering for the unpredictable challenges ahead.

3. Platform independent.

Before you Hire Mobile App Developers, make sure they are skilled in developing apps that can run independently without the need for a specific platform.

Be very careful on this front because some developers are skilled in developing apps for major platforms. For example. An app developed for the Android platform can’t run on the iOS platform or the Windows platform and vice versa.

Make sure the developer can develop apps that run on all major platforms. i.e. Android, iOS, Windows etc. There are also other not so common platforms like Tizen and blackberry.

In addition to the platform, excellent app developers will be familiar with the strict guidelines that must be adhered to for apps to run on these platforms. The iOS platform has more strict regulations than any other platform.

This makes their developers be more conversant with what makes a great app. The Android platform, although not so strict, has its own set of Guidelines that must be followed.

4. Completion time.

It’s very likely that you won’t be comfortable with app developers that take a whole year before you get the app is in the app store. Although this depends on the complexity of the app, developers with faster completion rates are a good option.

The services you, the client, get after completion of the app should be considered before settling on any app developers. These post-development services may include servicing, maintenance or both.

Adhering to the set guidelines for each platform ensures a quicker completion time since apps will not be rejected when submitting them to be included in the different app stores.

5. Legal owner.

It is of great importance to know who the legal owner of the app will be after it has been developed. Although most app developers will give all the rights to the client after delivering the final app, make sure this is formally agreed upon before embarking on the process of creating the app.

Having the legal rights to the app is as paramount as having the app itself.

6. Special arrangements.

These arrangements can be in form of partnerships where the app developers keep monitoring the app way after the app has been developed tested and delivered to the client.

The app developers may market the app to ensure its profitability.

Final word

The above points are the major ones to consider when you want to Hire Mobile App Developers. But they are not the only ones.

You should

Ask them to provide a list of people or business that can attest to their work. When you get these references, make it appoint to contact them at check out their experience in the hands of the developers in question. App developers should have knowledge of Application Programming Interface (API) and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to ensure your expectations are met and probably exceeded.

Don’t forget to ask how old they are in the mobile app development business. It will add to the success of your app.

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